I started building this site in 2022 with the main goal of the site to share files with the people around the world so the files wil not disappear in the future.
I started collecting drivers a littlebit in 2015 mainly for my old notebooks and desktops that runs Windows 9x and store them on my computer for later if I need to reinstall the computer.
At the time I notice at the time that some Patches, Drivers, and Software where difficult to get online especialy with old products, the way I get them is:
  • From other archive sites;
  • From old site on the "Wayback machine";
  • And sometimes from the forums.
My main focus is to put stuff that is designed for Windows 9x and Patches, DLC and Demos for games around 1993 to 2012.
I wil only supply patches for games in US or UK language, if you are searching for a different language than this is not the site to search for.

I wil and not charge people for downloading this stuf bicouse I not feel comfortable by to charge for stuff that other people made.
Feel free to copy the stuf I got here to put at your own site.

If you are more interested about me please go to here.

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