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NEW 2024-03-01 - Microsoft IIS 4 web installer restored

Today i got two good news to share with you.

The Microsoft IIS 4 web installer has been restored and its now possible to download the necessary files needed instead of downloading the full setup. This works on both Windows 95 and NT 4.0. If you don't like using a web installer there is also a full installer available to download.

Ive made a little change to the "WinRetro Downloader", its now possible to download 7zip and Internet Explorer 5.5 through the application, keep in mind that if you select Internet Explorer 5.5 it download the web installer and not the full setup.

Other things that have been done:
  • A few new drivers has been added like: ATI Mach 64, Voodoo Rush and Velocity 100/200, Diamond Stealth III, Yamaha Audician 32 plus and the Sony MSAC-FD2M.
  • New games has been added like Simcity 3000, Flatout 2, Iron Storm, Phantasmagoria series and a few more.
  • Microsoft IIS has been added to the software catagorie.
In the future i may add demos of games to this but if i start with it, i start then only with games from 1992 to 2001 bicouse of the filesize.

I hope you like the new things ive added.

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