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  • Software
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Everything is free to download with no restrictions and feel free to look around.
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Latest news

2024-06-11 - Updated guestbook design

For the past two months, I have been designing an alternative guestbook to match the style of the site instead of using someone else's guestbook.
The reasons why I decided to create my own guestbook are:
  • The previous guestbook had a security flaw where you could access the .txt file and see someone else's email. I solved this issue a long time ago by encrypting the personal info inside the .txt file and moving the file to a location other than the public_html directory.
  • I wanted a guestbook that is viewable on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 3 and 4. In the past it was viewable on old browsers like Internet Explorer 5 and higher, as well as RetroZilla.
  • I also wanted to integrate it into the database instead of using separate .txt files.
Previously, an email was required to sign the guestbook; this is no longer necessary.
I have also added some "Web games" that are only playable on "Internet Explorer", You will only see that category when viewing the site with that browser.

Other updates that have been made:
  • The Captcha refresh button is back under Internet Explorer. I thought the button was broken, so I had removed it on that browser.
  • Fixed the design on "Internet Explorer" where the "Filter" and "Clear-Filter" buttons were vertically far apart from each other.
  • Emulators have been added to Software including BGB, Genecyst, NESticle, and ZSNES.
  • New games have been added, such as Anno 1602, SWAT 3, WWII GI, Frogger, Microsoft Arcade, and more.
  • "Find The Spy" has been added to Java in "Web games."
I hope you like the changes i made to the site.

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