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Yes, this site is compatible with Internet Explorer 3 or higher. You can visit it with a other old browsers but you will get an error message with the option to download Internet Explorer or RetroZilla.
At this moment it is not posible to upload files to this website, this is bicouse of that there is a change that someon puts virus/malware, sexual, or illigal content on this site.
Yes but you need to have Windows Media Player 7 or higher installed to view it. Under Windows 95 it is not possible to watch the video on the website, you need to download the file first.
You can make use of the "WinRetro Downloader" program that download Winrar, WinZip or 7zip from this site and unpacks it, it also verify the file after download to make sure it does not have been tampered.
MD5 Cheksum: 25584debc061c41462ce3570158ff507
If a new file is posten it need to sync it to both miror servers, this happend every day and is done quick most of the times.
Send an email to unblock@winretro.com, set as subject "unblock" with your ip address on it. Once recieved i wil unblock it.
No not realy, The Netherlands mirror goes on and off on a specific time every day. It starts on 9:00 AM and goes off on 3:00 AM Amsterdam time.
Most of the software are not compatible with the current system and wil not work properly, show errors, or wont even install. It is recommended to install a virtual machine with an older Windows in order to make the software work.
Im sorry to hear you dont like the theme, we do have a theme of a older and newer version available.

If your question is not visible in the list feel free to contact me.
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