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Latest news

2024-03-29 - Demos added

Game demos have been added to the site. You can choose from demos like Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Close Combat and a few more.
You may wonder, "Why add demos to the site when I can download the full game for some games from sites like My Abandonware", there are a few reasons for it:
  • Some demos may have exclusive content that is only in the demo and not in the full game;
  • Demos are small in size and give you a preview of a game before you decide to download the full game;
  • Sharing full versions of old games is not something I'm comfortable with doing, mostly because if a game is still available for purchase for example at Steam, GOG etc. Distributing the game is illegal.
More demos may be added in the future.
Other things that have been done to this site:
  • New games have been added like Tropico 1 and 2, Myth series, Project Eden, The Matrix: Path of Neo, Enter the Matrix and a few more;
  • New software have been added like Windows 3.1 to Windows Me and Microsoft Plus;
  • Web design has been updated where you now can view all games and optionally filter them instead of choosing a category first before selecting a game.
I hope you like the changes. Next month there may be fewer things added because I'm on holiday and I'm mostly filling my belly with pizza, pasta and spaghetti.

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