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Latest news

2024-04-25 - Internet Explorer 3 compatible

Today I got some fun news for people who like to use Windows 3.1 or Internet Explorer 3. It is possible to use Internet Explorer 3 and higher to visit WinRetro. Almost all features are there except a few like:
  • Viewing and signing the guestbook;
  • Playing flash and JavaScript games;
  • Watching trailers or commercials of selected items.
Because Internet Explorer 3 is also compatible with Windows 3.1, you can also use that operating system to visit the site. Keep in mind that Online Patcher is hidden in compatible games. This is due to the fact that the games are designed for Windows 9x, despite the fact that it supports ActiveX.

Other news this month:
  • New games have been added such as Need for Speed I and II, MegaRace 2, Microsoft Golf, and a few more;
  • MicroHelp Zip has been added to the software;
  • AdLib Gold has been added to the drivers.
I hope you like the changes, relive old memories, and immerse yourself in the charm of retro computing.

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